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Local Woman Has Article Published in Guideposts

He was at the top of his industry in Lubbock as General Manager of the local CBS affiliate.  However, you might remember David Underwood from when we visited him in a local nursing home, at the age of 49. 

David was suffering from Huntington's Disease, a neurological time bomb that takes your mobility and eventually your mind. Now, we look back at a little bit of that story and then we'll tell you what's new with David and Renee these days.

It is such a grim diagnosis.  You might ask, "Why would the Underwoods want to tell this story, particularly since there is no cure? There are two reasons. The first is that ignorance can make a difficult situation even worse.  They can look like a person who has been drinking excessively. 

The second reason is because this is a love story and, more than anything, and Renee wants her boys to remember that.  Renee said, "You take the vows and you think they know what they mean.  In sickness and in health, for better or for worse, are huge vows and you don't realize until you live through them for 28 years through situations like this. I told my boys I don't care what you learn from me as long as you learn one thing - that you honor your commitments". 

Now, three years later, Renee says David's health has really deteriorated. He's in a wheelchair all the time now and can barely speak. Here's what's new, David and Renee's love story is featured in the most recent issue of Guideposts, which may be in your mailbox now, and should be on newsstands very soon.

"I wasn't trying to get it published," Renee said. "I was just sharing it on the encouragement of a friend." The story is called ‘The Necklace' and it is about Christmas with David in the nursing home, one she wrote three years ago. 

Guideposts has just published it as inspiration for this season. "A lot of people have been tremendous inspirations to us throughout his long illness.  And through his contentment with his life such as it is it's just a great lesson for all of us and during the holiday season, when we're really focused on the real meaning of the season and looking a little deeper into ourselves. I think it's a real special story," Renee adds.

Look for the green covered issue of Guideposts. The story is called ‘The Necklace' written by Renee Underwood.

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