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Family Says Thieves Took More Than A Decoration

The holidays aren't as bright for one Lubbock family. That's after they woke up Thursday morning to find someone stole their favorite Christmas decoration out of the front yard. Now, a mother has to explain to her young children why their favorite ornament is gone, and she hopes someone may have seen the thief.

"Somebody took it away," Jett Phillips said.  He and his family turned a yard decoration into something more this Christmas.  "Every morning we go out and we plugged everything in and watch the Santa pirate ship come up," mother Dodi Phillips said. 

Thursday morning, their fun came to an abrupt end.  "This morning he was gone," Dodi said.  She says what upsets her most is that her children are upset.  "They kind of didn't get it, and then we walked outside and that one little stake was just sitting there," Dodi said. 

"Holy mercy where did that come from and it's gone," Jett said.  "It was just such a big part, you know, it was something we did together, we went and set him up together and high-fived each other," Dodi said. 

Dodi says she checked, and right now stores in Lubbock don't have a replacement. Even worse, she has to explain to her children why Santa's pirate ship is no longer lighting up their front yard. "I'm trying to teach if you give you'll get in return, and then this happens," Dodi said.  "Please, bring my Santa home," Jett said. 

The inflatable decoration cost about $150.00, and the Phillips did file a police report. So, if you saw anything suspicious in the Whisper Wood subdivision off of 4th Street Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, give Crime Line a call at (806) 741-1000.  

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