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Water Slowly Comes Back On In West Lubbock

The water is slowing coming back on in West Lubbock. Late Thursday, crews finished repairs on a damaged 20-inch water main.

Since Tuesday afternoon, crews have worked around the clock here to fix the problem. However, in order to do so water was turned off to dozens of area businesses Wednesday morning. It is a mistake costing both taxpayers and businesses thousands of dollars.

"We're trying to come celebrate his birthday and eat at Joe's Crab Shack," said Mark Harmon who tried to eat at Joe's Crab Shack Thursday night.

Lora Smith also was surprised to find the restaurant closed. "We were planning on eating at Joe's. What's going on?" Smith asked.

The answer, on Tuesday a TxDOT sub contractor was installing cables near Frankford Avenue and Spur 327. While doing so, the contractor hit a City of Lubbock water line causing many to lose water along with thousands of dollars.

"If you could add up the numbers I'd say $10, 000," Arbor Inn & Suites Managing Partner Rob Meyer said.

To fix the problem TxDOT closed the westbound access road of Spur 327 and called in crews from the city to help.

"It's definitely costing taxpayers by us going in and having to repair and spend so much time to isolate, locate and repair the line," City of Lubbock Director of Water Utilities Aubrey Spears said.

For more than 48 hours crews worked around the clock to fix the break. Finally, late Thursday evening there was some progress; some businesses were able to open their doors. While others only had a trickle of water and still had to send customers away.

"We have no water, we can send you to the Ashmore Inn," is what travelers Bud and Betty Miller heard upon arrival at the Arbor Inn & Suites.

We are told water was slowly restored to area businesses throughout Thursday evening. However, that's just one problem solved. The city now says it will take several days to repair any damage to the street, utilities and traffic lights.


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