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Cowboys Vs Ravens Blackout For Many Lubbockites

In just less than 48 hours, an icon of Dallas Cowboys football will come to an end.  And here's the rub.  Most of you in Lubbock won't get to see it on T.V.    

The Dallas Cowboys kick off their last regular season home game at Texas Stadium Saturday night at 7:15 p.m.  As most of you know, Texas Stadium will be replaced by a new venue in Arlington for the start of the 2009 season.  On Saturday you won't be able to see the finale of Texas Stadium anywhere but the NFL network. 

The city's biggest cable provider, Suddenlink, says it has tried to reach a deal with NFL many times in the past few years.  Suddenlink claims that the NFL has tried to reach a deal that guarantees to make the cable company lose money.  NFL says it just wants the same treatment that many premier channels get. 

You can watch it on Direct TV, DishNetwork, or NTS Digital Cable. But if you haven't signed up yet it's way too late.   The waiting list is up to three weeks for these services.

Some sports bars around the city have already signed up because they knew this was coming.  So, if you don't mind venturing out, you can see the game.  That won't be an option for Johnny Morin.  He says, "I got a new born so I gotta stay home with my kids.   So I'm just going to have to miss out on the game. Watch previews the next day, I guess."

Mackenzie Nabors with 21st Century Satellite says, "It's the same as last year whenever the Dallas Cowboys played, it only came on NFL.  So, we got busy.  And even the year before that when Tech was in a bowl game. "

You might recall the first time this became a controversy in Lubbock was the Texas Tech versus Minnesota "Insight Bowl" game.   To ease the controversy that year, NFL network gave Suddenlink temporary permission to carry the channel.

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