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It's Tool Time in Lubbock!

The countdown begins for one of the Nation's biggest play village's and it is happening right here in Lubbock. Construction on the Legacy Play Village starts Friday, but before the hammering can begin they need tools to build with.

Tuesday, the village people are holding a tool drive. The groundwork for the big build to start, is already underway, constructions crews started on the parking lot on Monday. Before the thousands of volunteers can get started on the build they need supplies.

"We are asking the community can we borrow your tools, when volunteers come out here the regular Joe is going to come build and he's gungho but he doesn't have a reversible drill or a certain tool but he really wants to help," Julia Camp, Project Director said.

The main supply of wood is already on site, but with tens of thousands of board feet, that means they needs hundreds of tools to make the wood transform into a village. "We have just a huge list of tools that we want to borrow from you. We have anything from table saws to ban saws to very specific chain saws things like that but we also need the tools an every person would have, push brooms, shovels, drills squares," Camp said.

The tool drive is all day Tuesday at the Play Village site off Brownfield Hwy and Spur 327, they aren't asking for you to donate tools, instead they want you to loan them. "We're going to catalog it, put your name on there and kind of a dewy decimal system and then we're going to put it in a trailer that will be locked up tight every night. Then the volunteers will come out here they'll be sent to the trailer to get a tool check it in, check it out just like a library," Camp said.

When the build is over you can pick up your tools, if any tools are damaged or broken the village people will replace it. "Having enough tools here is every bit as important as having volunteers because I can have fifty volunteers there but unless they have a hammer what can they do, it's not very easy to dig a hole with your foot", Camp said.

For more information or details on the tool drive or how you can volunteer call 791-KIDS. Remember this is a community wide project, the park will be free to get in, but it takes you to make it work.

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