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Food for Thought Report 12.18

Four Lubbock restaurants make the top performing list this week.

Burger King at 3525 19th Street, inside Covenant, tops the list with a perfect health inspection. Also inside Covenant, repeat top performer Chick-Fil-A will add another food for thought certificate to its wall with a perfect score.

Next, inspectors found everything to be safe and clean at Cheezie's Pizza located at 1803 7th Street and world famous Pedro's Tamales on Highway 87 is rolling up perfection as a Food for Thought top performer.

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Food for Thought 12.18
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 12/18/08.

This week's low performer is a popular place serving famous chicken wings and fried pickles. But it's also one that inspectors cited for seven critical health violations that could make customers sick.

Hooters Restaurant on South Loop 289 near Slide Road was cited for 7 critical health violations.

  • They observed employees donning gloves without washing their hands.
  • A piece of metal was stored in a handsink and drinks were without lids in the dish and kitchen area.
  • Inspectors also noted three different cases where employees were not washing their hands.
  • One employee handled raw hamburger meat and then touch hamburger buns and another was seen handling raw chicken and then touching plates without washing their hands first.
  • A dish machine wasn't dispensing soap. Inspectors asked that dishes be washed manually until the machine could be fixed.     
  • A thermometer was missing in a refrigerator and the ceiling was found to be soiled with mold and mildew.
  • The inspector also cited hooters management and noted that due to the number of critical violations, the demonstration of food safety knowledge was not evident.

Inspectors did note that all seven of the critical violations for hooters were corrected at the time of inspection. We contacted Hooters Thursday and they offered no comment on the inspection.

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