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Federal Judge Throws Cell Phone Lawsuit Out

A federal judge has thrown out an $800-million lawsuit by a Maryland doctor who claims cell phones caused his brain tumor. The lawsuit was brought against Motorola and several major cell phone carriers.

Newman, a Neurologist, claimed an analog phone he used during much of the 1990's gave him a cancerous tumor behind his right ear. But U.S. District judge Catherine Blake ruled none of the evidence submitted was substantial enough to take the case to trial.

In the last two years, three major studies, including one by the National Cancer Institute, have indicated cell phones do not cause any adverse health effects. An estimated 97 million Americans use cell phones, and the wireless industry had been watching the case closely. Newman's attorneys presented evidence showing that analog cell phones may cause cancer.

However, Judge Blake ruled the presented evidence was overwhelmed by other evidence showing no relationship between cell phone radiation and cancer. Had it gone forward, it could have led to other suits against the $45-billion industry.

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