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Do French Fries Really Cause Cancer?

The Food and Drug Administration anounced on Monday that it is launching a study into America's favorite foods, like potato chips and french fries, to see if a chemical discovered last year really poses a cancer concern. And if so, how it could be reduced.

Acrylamide has caused cancer in test animals, and has been labeled a possible cancer causing agent in humans, though there is no testing at this point that proves that. The FDA says Acrylamide levels are low to non-existent in baby foods and infant formulas, and highest in french fries and potato chips depending on how each is processed.

Testing could take a year or more. Meanwhile, the FDA says don't change your diet, just eat sensibly as always advised.

Swedish reserchers discovered last year that the high heat needed to make french fries, chips, and high starches, like some kinds of cereals and breads, triggers a reaction between natural amino acids and certain sugars to create Acrylamide.

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