Robotic Prostatectomy

Robotic Radical Prostatectomy offers good outcomes and survival with

decreased blood loss, improved potency, improved continence and shorter recovery times compared to open surgery.

What are the advantages of Laparoscopic Prostatectomy with the daVinci Robot over open surgery?

  • Good negative margin rates ("getting all the cancer out") have been achieved using laparoscopic prostate removal using the da Vinci Robot.
  • There is less blood loss and rarely a need for blood transfusion.
  • There is less pain after surgery (many patients do not require any pain medication).
  • Patients typically require a hospital stay of only 48-72 hours.
  • Patients recover to full activity 2-4 months sooner than with open surgery.
  • The abdominal scar is minimized giving an improved cosmetic result.

What are the complications associated with Laparoscopic Prostate Surgery using the da Vinci robot?<1% chance of delayed return of bowel function.

  • <1% chance of bowel injury requiring colostomy.
  • <1% chance of injury to bladder or ureters requiring additional surgery.
  • <1% chance of  prolonged urinary leak requiring extension of the hospital stay by a few days or continued catheter drainage for a slightly longer period.
  • <1% chance of wound infection or hernia formation.

How long does the surgery take?

Operating time in our Doctor's hands is usually 3 ½ hours but it can be slightly longer or shorter depending on the difficulty of the case.  The time you will be away from your loved ones is a few hours longer because of the prep time in the operating room and the recovery time at the end of the case.

How long will I be in the hospital?

Hospital stay is usually 48-72 hours. This can vary, however depending on how each individual recovers.