Kidney Stones

Advanced treatments for kidney stones.

If discovered early, kidney stones can often be treated with a simple, noninvasive procedure, so incisions and recovery time are greatly reduced. Many times, the doctors at Lubbock Urology can resolve kidney stone problems using modern techniques such as:

  • Extracorporeal lithotripsy - Using shockwaves, we shatter kidney stones into little more than dust, which is then passed with less pain.
  • Holmium laser - Using this minimally invasive, state-of-the-art procedure, a laser disintegrates potentially painful stones.
  • Percutaneous stone surgery - Usually used for stones larger than about 3cm, this has proven to be an effective procedure.
  • Endoscopic laser degradation - Here, we use instruments to pass a tiny laser through to the stones to destroy them.
  • Medical treatment - Advances in drug development, including stone inhibitors, make some patients eligible for this protocol.

Almost half of all people with kidney stones will have new stones within five years, but the doctors and staff at Lubbock Urology can show you how regular checkups and therapy can prevent more kidney stones. This prevention education is a key part of the trusting, caring relationships they establish.