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Protecting Your Pets

Lubbock Animal Services picks up anywhere from 10 to 78 dogs and cats each day. The shelter houses lost animals and runs an adoption center. As a pet owner, you should do your best to keep your pet from ending up in the shelter. Laura Forsythe is the Field Operations Supervisor at Lubbock Animal Services. She offers these tips.

"The best thing to do, is have an inside pet. Keep the dogs and cats inside. If you have a dog that you prefer to keep outside, then you want to make sure your fence, or your enclosure is good and secure. If your dog has some bad habits like digging or jumping, there are some things you can do to correct that problem. One real good way is to use a hot wire. Some people think it's cruel but it's not. It will shock them a bit but nine out ten times, they're not going to get near it again." You can find the hot wires at places like Home Depot, Gebo's and PetSmart. They usually run around $40 depending on how much of the fence you want to wire.

If your pet is lost, you need to do the looking yourself. Don't just call the shelter. Forsythe says, "It's extremely important for you to come down and look because you're the only one who can positively identify your animal."

You also need to put a collar and ID tag on your dog or cat. Animals with an ID tag will stay in the lost and found section of the shelter for ten days. Forsythe says, "If an animal comes in with a tag, we do everything humanly possible to track down an owner. We've tracked down owners as far as Washington State." If the animal does not have a tag, it goes into the adoption process in just three days. "We look at all the animals that come into the shelter for adoption. The animals do have to undergo a test, personality test, temperament, health, and things like that before they can be adopted."

Adoptions range from $30 to $60. The price includes fees for spade and neutering, shots and disease tests. You can even get a full bred animal at this low price. Forsythe says, "We have pure bread labs, golden retrievers, blue heelers, you name it, at one time or another, we're going to get it in."

For hours of operation and to see pictures of animals up for adoption, ( click here ). You can also call Lubbock Animals Services at (806) 775-2059. If your pet is lost or you find a lost dog or cat, you can always post a free ad in the Lubbock Avalanche Journal.

For NewsChannel 11's Consumer Connection, I'm Sharon Maines.

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