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Sharp Advice: Eating Moderately and Not Over-Indulging This Holiday Season

Most people really look forward to the rich traditional holiday treats at Christmas time, but adding up all the calories in everything on your holiday table could spoil all of the fun. So, instead of doing that, former Lady Raider coach Marsha Sharp is here with a few tips on eating moderately this holiday season.

Holidays are about connecting with family and friends, not connecting yourself with food.  Covenant Dietitian Meghan Gandy says if you want to avoid putting on extra pounds during the holidays, it can be as simple as following a few guidelines.  Meghan says, "I think it's always a good idea to try and have an appetizer available before the big meal so people can snack a little bit, that way they don't tend to over-eat so much.  Also, choose white meat over dark meat when eating turkey.  Try to go easy on the desserts and go for fruit desserts with light whip cream or some type of light topping.  And finally, go easy on the eggnog.  Just an 8-ounce glass of Eggnog contains about 350-calories and 20-grams of fat."

Luckily, there is a little wiggle room for those who cannot follow a strict diet.  Meghan stresses that you are not going to gain weight in just one day.  It is probably going to be water weight if you do.  So it is okay to indulge occasionally.

By following these simple steps you don't have to gain weight during the holiday season. From your friends at Covenant Health System, I'm Marsha Sharp reminding you that when it comes to good health, the ball is in your court.

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