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Lubbock Woman Chooses to Turn Disability into Ability

She's a mom and a wife. She's a singer and songwriter, but success hasn't always come easy for Ashley Howell.

"I was born without my legs and my left arm," said Howell. 

Although not completely sure, doctors think that's because Howell's mother had a miscarriage before she was born, which complicated Howell's growing process in the womb. "I just wear above the knee prosthetics. I've always had them. They really always looked the same and they grow with me," Howell. 

And while Howell is all smiles, it's no secret she has to overcome challenges with every step she takes."Because I walk on crutches and I have a prosthetic arm, there are a lot of little tweaks that have to be made to my arm so that it doesn't break. I had a lot of problems with my wrist breaking and my thumb breaking," said Howell.

But despite her disability, Howell has never let that stop her from living a normal life."Unless I see myself in a mirror or a window reflection or something I'm not thinking to myself that I look any different than you or anyone else I hang out with," said Howell.

Married with two young boys raising her family is a full time job. But in her spare time, singing is her passion, a passion she loves to share with her children.

She is a vocalist in the band Hedge and Howell and enjoys singing at different venues around town. "I'm actually in the studio right not doing a little demo," said Howell.

And even though Howell says she doesn't have dreams of becoming famous, her life story has the ability to touch many. Someday she hopes to share her life experience with veterans coming home from the war who have also lost limbs.

"I thought maybe just them seeing me and talking to me and just to see that I live my life everyday and it's very normal and I do the same things that everybody else does and it might be encouraging to them," said Howell.

A very normal life, a life Howell says she wouldn't ever change. For Your Cell Phone
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