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School Nurse Week: Jane Allen of Mahon Head Start

This week we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the School Nurse by passing the NewsChannel 11 microphone to local schools for a health tip from their nurse. Today, we go to Mahon Head Start where Nurse Jane Allen tells us about a new program to teach 3 and 4-year-olds how to stay healthy.

"With the help of our friend, Barry, we're learning there are five things we can do to be strong and healthy. We eat right, we exercise right, we brush our teeth right, we wash our hands right, and take a bath right and we sleep right. Throughout the school year we learn more about each of these healthy habits, but the foundation to all of these is good hand washing."

"By teaching the children when to wash their hands and the proper way to wash their hands, we're encouraging independence and helping decrease the spread of disease in our school population. Reporting for NewsChannel 11, I'm School Nurse Jane Allen from Mahon Early Childhood."

Since this program was launched at Mahon, Ballenger, and Martin last year, they have seen a 10% decrease in absences. Another thing they're teaching these little ones is to sneeze or cough into their sleeve. That way mom can wash away the germs later because if you cough or sneeze into the air or even into your hand, you spread germs when you touch something later.

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