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There is a hot potato in the governor's race that nobody wants to get stuck with. It's the insurance crisis facing millions of homeowners in the state of Texas. Democrat Tony Sanchez says the root of the problem is politics. He claims $70,000 in campaign funds was donated to Rick Perry by Farmer's Insurance. In his defense, Republican Rick Perry says the contributions date back to 1997. While each candidate has their own ideas for the perfect solution to the insurance problem. The real answer will ultimately come from the state legislature, and the state insurance commissioner.

A new ID card is now in required for those wanting to cross from Mexico into the United States. This new laser visa has actually been around for a few years, but beginning Tuesday it is the only card accepted by the I.N.S. The new cards have a magnetic strip on the back, which is read and connected to a national database, complete with background information. In the past year, inspectors have already caught five suspected murderers using this new system.

Long lines and clogged arteries were on the menu Tuesday in San Antonio. It was the grand opening for the city's first Krispy Kreme donut franchise. Some donut lovers were in line for nearly 24 hours to get a crack at the famous hot glazed donuts. At one point, lines stretched a half mile outside the store.

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