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Alcohol Sales in Lubbock County Will Be on May Ballot

The political action committee "Let Lubbock Vote" worked for months to get the option of alcohol sales on the ballot in May.  "This is what Let Lubbock Vote PAC is all about. It's getting it on a ballot to let the citizens of Lubbock decide on this issue and not a law or anything else that was holding them back," said Let Lubbock Vote Chairman David George.

On Monday, the Lubbock County Office of Elections presented more than 25,000 valid signatures to the County Commissioners, that's 6,000 more than they needed.

This comes after receiving more than 67,000 signatures on two petitions. "I think that shows that Lubbock County understands the issue and is behind the issue, but it will start over May 9th and be a different issue then," said George.

On May 9th voters can cast a ballot for or against two alcohol options. The first is the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants. These are restaurants that are located in areas of the county that are currently dry.  The second option is the legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption.

Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy expects big crowds in the spring election. "Most of my colleagues across the state say their biggest turnout are in these types of elections so we are going to prepare again for a large turnout and still encourage everybody to go to early voting," said Kennedy. 

Early voting will be April 27 through May 5th and Election Day will be May 9th.  To vote in this election you must be registered in Lubbock County by April 9th.

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Lubbock County Liquor Sales Map
Liquor by the drink boundary and packaged liquor sales map for Lubbock County. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to open this file)

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