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HealthWise at 5 for 12.22

  • Ice Saver

US researchers have created an ice slurry, a slushy-like substance that can be pumped into the blood stream through a catheter.  In animal studies, the slurry was capable of chilling a targeted organ by almost five degrees Celsius in just five minutes.  Cooling the organ reduces its need for oxygen, so cells die at a slower rate, and doctors have more time to treat the patient.  The scientists plan to seek FDA approval to begin human clinical trials. 

  • Model Weight

It seems women prefer thin models when it comes to advertisements.  A US study, with women aged 18 to 24, found that they prefer ads with thin models to those with more "normal" weight bodies.  The women also said they were more likely to buy products that were shown in ads with thin women, despite the fact that they felt worse about their own bodies after viewing the ads.

  • Pollution Danger

Pollutants can harm the heart.  In a recent study, researchers found that personal exposure to both indoor and outdoor pollutants was linked to an increase in high blood pressure and even blood vessel constriction.  These changes are bad news because they can lead to heart attack and stroke.  It is just another good reason to appreciate living in West Texas, where we have little pollution and lots of wide open spaces.

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