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Lubbock Man Sentenced To Life For His Part in Brutal Attack

One of the men involved in a brutal Lubbock attack begins a life sentence behind bars.  On Tuesday morning, a district court judge sentenced Paul Timms for his role in the attack and robbery of Tommy Yugovich.

Just 24 hours earlier, Paul's wife Tammy was sentenced to 40 years in prison for her role in the March 2007 attack.

For nearly two years, the Yugovich family has helped Tommy recover from the serious brain damage he suffered that March night. At the same time, they've also faced court cases against those charged in the attack. However, after Tuesday's sentencing of Paul Timms, the Yugovich's tell us they can finally move forward. "This is the closure of the proceeding of the legal proceedings this by no means is closure for Tommy's therapy," Matthew Yugovich's Tommy's dad said.

Since the attack, Tommy Yugovich has spent nearly the past two years re-learning the simple things many of us take for granted. On Tuesday morning, he sat in court as Timms learned he would spend life in prison for his involvement in the attack that lead to Tommy's injuries. "I felt great when I found out he'll be in there for life," Tommy said.

In October, a Lubbock County Jury found Timms and his wife Tammy guilty of orchestrating the beating and robbery of Tommy in March of 2007.

"The jury's came back, Tammy's in 15 minutes and Paul in about 45 or about an hour. And I think the sentence just concludes that both of them. So I think it was justice in the case," Assistant Criminal District Attorney Mandi Say tells us Paul is one of the most dangerous types of criminals. "His reach went beyond the bars. He had ways of getting things done from the inside that was how this case originated was that he ordered the hit from the jail. That was carried out on Tommy Yugovich," Say said.

The brutal attack put Tommy in a month long comma fighting for his life. While Tommy's girlfriend Michelle Pierce was left with more than a dozen stitches in her head.

Taped conversation from the Lubbock County Jail reveals the attack in his home on 79th street was planned. It involved Jerry Castle, Don Green, Tammy Timms and her husband Paul Timms. Court testimony revealed Tommy and Pierce knew the Timms and Green through the world of methamphetamine. Testimony also alleges Paul Timms wanted to retaliate against Tommy after he used counterfeit money he'd taken from Tommy and was later arrested.

"He felt that it was Tommy's duty to come get him out of jail and pay for an attorney. And when that didn't happen we were left with an individual that almost died," Say added.

Timms's defense attorney Stephen Hamilton said, "I think there is a factual sufficiency clearly. Paul, he wasn't there. He didn't do it. Donny Green did it. So I think we have a lot of good appeal issues in that case."

Still, Matthew Yugovich says after Tuesday's sentencing they can focus on more important things Tommy's recovery. "If we can get more therapy, I'm sure that the improvement will continue. Timms must serve at least 30 years of the life-sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Don Green pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and robbery last year. He's serving two, 25-year prison sentences.

Jerry Castle is charged with aggravated robbery but not assault. His case is still pending.

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