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Good Holiday Gift: Lower Gas Prices

AAA and the Texas Department of Public Safety say a majority of travelers are going by car this year.    

"There's going to be a considerable amount of traffic on the roadways because gas prices are down - people feel like they can travel for the holidays and do it affordably," says TxDot District Engineer Randy Hopmann.

Drivers will take advantage of gas that's a $1.30 cheaper than last year. The national average is a $1.66 a gallon. In Lubbock, prices are lower, around a $1.45 a gallon. Raymond Guerrero tells us he likes the cheaper prices, but not enough to hit the roads for Christmas.

"I have my family in the van, so we're about to head out and go by some presents and come back and celebrate," says Guerrero.

TxDot says during busy travels times - be prepared. Leave in plenty of time, don't rush, and be patient.

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