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South Plains Holiday Air Travel

Just as families are getting together for the holidays, winter weather around the country has canceled hundreds of flights leaving passengers stranded. There's no snow in the South Plains but delays elsewhere can affect air traffic here.

Airport officials tell NewsChannel 11 that travel is down slightly, 1 percent, from this time last year. But they still anticipate being pretty busy through the holiday season. The winter weather that has crippled other parts of the country has not delayed flights from Lubbock but airport officials say it could impact your travel if your final destination is one of those places hit with ice and snow.  

One passenger battled the ice and snow in Seattle this morning to make it to the airport, not knowing if she'd make it to Lubbock today." We packed a pillow and a blanket because I thought we were going to be in the airport for a day or two. I just kept saying Lord just get us there by Christmas day. Luckily we flew out on time," said Christel Nicholson.  

Nicholson said she arrived at the airport this morning an hour and a half before her flight and barely made it. Reinforcing what Lubbock airport officials want to remind passengers, arrive at least an hour or hour an half early because they expect to be busier tomorrow and on Christmas day.

Know that if you are flying out and plan on bringing wrapped Christmas gifts with you there is the possibility that airport security might have to unwrap those gifts if they seem suspicious. Airport officials tell us that there is plenty of parking if you've got to drive yourself to the airport.

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