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Sharp Advice: A New Test To Prevent Heart Attacks And Strokes

Living a long and healthy life is important to everyone.  A simple test is available to detect cholesterol and plaque even earlier than before.  Cardiologist Dr. Jason Bradley explains that the ‘Plaq2' test is a great tool for early detection. "This particular test is beneficial because it's available for anybody.  It's a simple blood test and the main usefulness in this particular type of testing is for people that don't have traditional risk factors for heart attacks or strokes.  If you have high cholesterol or diabetes or you have family history, those are all traditional risk factors for having heart attacks and strokes.  But if you don't have anything like that and you are worried that you might still be at risk, if you have Plaq2 testing and your Plaq2 activity is high then you may be more at risk than someone else that has a lower Plaq2 activity," says Dr. Bradley.

The Plaq2 test is an easy way to measure your risk of bad cholesterol. Dr. Bradley adds that, "Plaq2 is an enzyme that is released by cholesterol plaques inside the arteries. And the test for the Plaq2 determines the amount of the enzyme that is present in the blood stream. The higher the activity of the enzyme in the blood stream the more likely the plaque is to disrupt or rupture and cause an event, either a heart attack or a stroke".

It's important to talk to your physician about your family health history to determine what testing is right for you.  From your friends at Covenant Health System, I am Marsha Sharp reminding you that when it comes to good health, the ball is in your court.

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