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Homeless Family Has a Very Merry Christmas

The necessities of life are not the normal items that appear on people's Christmas lists.   But for some Lubbock homeless families the simple things we take for granted, like a place to sleep and food to eat, are what is important this Christmas.

A brand new bike and a bright new hula hoop are just a few presents these children can't stop playing with this Christmas.

"Without all this they wouldn't have had Christmas, I didn't have the money to provide Christmas this year," said Brenda Everetts who is living in the shelter this Christmas. 

Brenda Evertts and her two kids Kassy and Chaze found themselves homeless two weeks ago.

Evertts says because of a disability she can not work right now and has been living off of state paid child support and food stamps.   When it seemed like she had nowhere to turn, that's when Lubbock Family Promise stepped in just in time for the holidays.

"Without Raintree and without Family Promise we wouldn't have had anything for Christmas we wouldn't even have a place to stay," said Everetts.   

And her kids couldn't be happier with their temporary home.

"They provide food for us and we have a big gym that we can play in and we also have our very own rooms," said Kassy Everetts. 

"It's like whenever I stay here, its fun to stay here, I always like to stay here because its fun," said Chaze Everetts.  

While shelter may be the best gift for this family, the presents that are usually under the tree haven't been left out.

"It's been wonderful I mean the kids have just had an awesome Christmas. They got a lot of things and I think they leaned the true meaning of Christmas better here than what they had in the past," said Everetts.   

"My favorite part is getting presents. I got that present for me, I wrote it down on my list," said Chaze. 

"Seeing my mom and my brother open presents is my favorite part about Christmas," said Kassy. 

With the homeless population in Lubbock growing, Family Promise wants to make sure the Everetts family doesn't become just another number. The organization works with the family by providing day care, help with finding a job, and enough to get them back on their feet.

"Well I try not to look at the bumps, I try to look at the fact that I got two beautiful children, I've got an organization that stands behind me and I mean am just truly am blessed," said Everetts.

"Whenever I get my own room, I'll start sleeping in it all by myself," said Chaze.

And if you would like the help the homeless population of Lubbock, call Family Promise at 744-5035.

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