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Towing Confusion

It's been about three weeks since 37 cars were towed from the Overton area during a Texas Tech game. On Wednesday the first towing case went to court and won. Its the first of eight filings in the Justice of Peace court concerning what many say was an illegal towing practice.

In Judge Aurora Hernandez's court room Amy Jantzen won more than $1,100, that's the price she paid to get her car out of the tow yard; times three, plus the court and attorney fees. "The signs on the property weren't worded or placed correctly, so my client and the 37 other people that got towed thought they were city signs and it was perfectly fine to go onto the land where they parked. I anticipate both sides will appeal it both the tow company and McDougal properties," said Attorney David Getz. A settlement for now, but not the end.

Larry Snodgrass the Owner of Texas State Legal Services Towing, did pick up and appeal form after the trial, but he also claims they had every reason to tow the cars because of their agreement.

McDougal properties has no comment pending litigation, however Lubbock Police testified that the signs they saw were not posted correctly.

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