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The Revo Styler: Does It Work?

Since the Revo Styler is cordless and does all the work for you, it is no wonder the brush costs $50. The brush is larger and heavier than a typical one. Your package also comes with two hair clips, a comb, a charger, and an instructional video.

The brush can rotate on two different speeds: fast and slow. Plus, a switch allows you to change the direction of the rotation. The directions say to use hair that is almost dry and to use low speed until you get good at it, which hair stylist Debbie Trevino did.

The instruction suggest sectioning the hair because it makes the Revo easier to use. But you know it is a handy tool if you can get the hang of it first of all. Debbie passed the brush to our tester, to see if she could do it. It took a minute but she got the hang of it. When you are using the brush, be careful the hair doesn't tangle. "Look how straight it is but with volume. I think its a great product," said Debbie. Debbie and I agreed the brush helps style your hair in maybe 20 to 30 minutes, but not less than 10 like the makers claim.

We also tried the Revo on very curly, dry hair. "It's straight but it is much easier on the hair if it is damp," said Debbie. I think the Revo is neato. It works!

The test continued for two weeks, and that is how long the brush stays charged before having to charge it up again.

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