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The Wrong Sign Language

Seargent Danny Holder testified in court Wednesday for the first civil suit against Texas State Legal Services. TSLS is the company who towed 37 vehicles at a tech game three weeks ago. The transportation code has set guidelines for towing signs that wrecker and private companies must follow.

According to that code, the signs in North Overton said "No Parking at Anytime", instead of "Towing Enforced", or state who can park there, which made the signs illegal. "We try and maintain a reputable business and the most wrecker companies I know try to maintain a reputable business and you don't just go yank cars out where the law on the signs is not being obeyed," said Independent Wrecker Service Manager Robert Bruce.

According to the transportation code, towing signs must have four elements: the international towing emblem on top, state who can park there or have the words "towing enforced" underneath the emblem, must say "Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner's Expense"  and have the phone number of the wrecker company.

The owner of Texas State Legal Services, Larry Snodgrass, says he will appeal the judge's decision.

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