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"Self" Magazine Says Lubbock is Unsafe

Have you picked up the latest edition of "Self" magazine? If you haven't, you'll want to hear this story, especially if you're a woman. That's because the magazine ranks Lubbock the third least safe place for women to live in the country.

It's all in black and white. The October 2002 issue of "Self" magazine says Lubbock, Texas is the third least safe city for women behind only Ocala, Florida, and Memphis, Tennessee. But as you're about to find out, most people NewsChannel 11 talked to say Self's latest rankings are self-serving, questionable at best.

If you're in the habit of taking things at face value, and you read the latest edition of Self magazine, you might think twice about packing up and moving your family to Lubbock. But if you knew anything about Lubbock, like some women we found at Always Day Spa, they say you wouldn't hesitate for a moment about living here.

"It surprises me that Lubbock would be the third unsafest city for women," says Always Day Spa nail technician Rhonda Wheeler. But that's exactly how our city stacks up to the rest of the country in the latest edition of Self magazine.

"I don't know exactly what stats they're using, but I haven't had any problems in Lubbock, and I don't even know anyone else who has either, so I am pretty surprised," says Texas Tech senior Kidron Lewis.

The magazine says it arrived at those rankings using violent crime statistics, traffic fatalities, access to medical care, and 28 other criteria.

"My response to that is that the City of Lubbock just conducted its own survey and 91% of our citizens said they feel safe in their neighborhoods. That's a huge number. I would totally disagree with the article," says Mayor Marc McDougal.

Most people NewsChannel 11 talked to aren't putting much stock in what Self says. They see Self's survey as selfish and self-absorbed. "I think it's interesting, but I don't believe it. It's a magazine, and they're going to put things in their magazine to move it off the shelves," says Always Day Spa massage therapist Amy Peavler.

What was printed may be untrue, and something we can just shrug off, but some say it's a shot at our reputation that's sometimes hard to defend. "I think if I lived elsewhere and I had a daughter who was thinking about coming to Texas Tech and I read that, I would be hesitant of having my daughter go to Tech," says Lubbock resident Gin Truitt.

That's the reason Mayor Marc McDougal takes issue with this issue of Self. "When something like this comes out in an article with absolutely no basis, people across the country see it, and that's all they see. So, in their opinion it's accurate. That's the unfortunate part about it," says Mayor McDougal.

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