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Avoiding a New Year's Hangover

Ironically, New Year's Eve is perhaps the one night when fat on the menu is probably the best thing you can do. That is, if you plan to celebrate the New Year with alcohol.

"If you're having something that has sugar, it helps your liver metabolize the alcohol and the, the more toxic components of alcohol more effectively.  If you eat something like greasy foods, foods with a lot of fat in them, they tend to slow the absorption of alcohol so you tend to have less of a peak effect from the alcohol and less of an alcohol withdrawal," says Dr. Susan Broner, neurologist.

By the way, if you want to avoid a hangover on New Year's Day, Dr. Broner says slip in a non-alcoholic drink between your other drinks. That, of course, will slow the effect of alcohol.

Also, Dr. Broner says if you're thinking that Thursday you can always try one of those hangover remedy pills, she says a study published in the British Medical Journal found there is no evidence they work.

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