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Report States AeroCare Had Violent Yaw October 20th

NewsChannel 11 has learned that the AeroCare emergency air ambulance had an emergency of its own back in October. According to Air International News, AeroCare was violently rocked off course by a possible equipment malfunction. 

That same publication says a completely different medical helicopter near Weatherford, Texas suffered a similar problem on October 8th. NewsChannel 11 has independently confirmed that the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating four such incidents nationwide.   

Air international news says, "On October 20, N902NM, registered to Covenant Health System of Lubbock, Texas, and operated by Air Care [AeroCare], also experienced a violent yaw, this one to the right, while in cruise flight. The yaw was accompanied by a pitch up and down. The pilot regained control and returned to Lubbock."

The F.A.A. is still allowing AeroCare to fly but not at a speed of more than 100 knots.  The manufacturer, MD Helicopter Inc., believes the problem is the control rod tube adapters.   Stronger adapters have been presented to the F.A.A. for approval.  This particular kind of helicopter does not have a tail rotor. Instead, the helicopter is steered with a jet thruster on the tail.

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