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First Baby of 2009 Born in Lubbock

Lots of folks were out celebrating in Lubbock on New Year's Eve, but one Lubbock family had a very special reason to celebrate. The Farringtons welcomed their first child and the first baby to the Hub City on New Year's Day.

She is the first child for the Farringtons and the first baby of the New Year for Lubbock. At 6 pounds and 10 ounces, Laila Joyce greeted her parents just one minute into the New Year. "We came in at 4:30 yesterday (Wednesday) and started to go into labor and the doctor mentioned you may have a New Years baby. We weren't thinking that she'd come on New Years or even close to midnight," says new Mom Kaylene Farrington.

Kaylene and her husband Jon were expecting a Christmas baby and even came to the hospital. "We have a ‘my first Christmas' outfit and she can't wear that now," says Farrington.

While others were out celebrating, the delivery room at UMC was the place to be. "All the nurses on shift and all the doctors were there. It was like our own little New Year's party in our room because it was coming down to midnight and we were all counting down, singing the New Year's song and then she came at 12:01," says Farrington.

By the end of the day UMC says they'll have welcomed eight babies to Lubbock. The new parents say it's the best new years they've ever had. "I'm already wrapped around her little finger. She's beautiful," says Jon Farrington.

Texas Tech's Occupational Therapy program brought the Farringtons to Lubbock from Utah, but they say they'll claim Texas for their daughter. "We're starting our family. She's all Texan which we're proud and excited to say," says Kaylene Farrington.

The first baby born in the United States was a boy and was born just one second into 2009 in New Jersey. Photo Gallery
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