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Tech Fans Made Early Cotton Bowl Predictions

As you can imagine most predicted a Red Raider victory. Although not right - their first quarter predictions reflect their true red and black spirit.

"Hang on, gotta get my information," says Dee Qualls. Sitting at the end of the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings on 82nd and University Qualls had something in his hand that other patrons didn't bring along, a notepad. He didn't spend the game in the coach's box in Dallas but tracking Tech offense for each game is a hobby. "I just look for tendencies from Leach. He throws me a lot of curves on the 1st down, but I do better on the 2nd and 3rd," says Qualls.

Red Raider fans of all ages were making early predictions Friday just as Tech took the field.  "I think we win by at least 14 points." Said one fan "Ole Miss has the worst backfield, Tech should be scoring constantly. My prediction is 55-22." Said another

Qualls watched the game with a sharp eye. His prediction, "49-21, Tech of course." His prediction was close to the final score which was 47-34, but didn't exactly go the way Red Raider fans wanted.

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