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HealthWise at 5 From 10.7

  • AAA Surgery

A less invasive technique for repairing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms or 'Triple A' is getting high marks. Researchers in Boston looked at more than 1,300 procedures of both open surgeries and non-invasive or Endovascular repair. The results published in Radiology found the Endovascular technique meant less blood loss and shorter hospital stays for patients. The choice of therapy depends on the size and location of the aneurysm as well as the age and condition of the patient.

  • Zyban Benefits

By now you may have heard that the antidepressant, Zyban can help people stop smoking, but now those who chew tobacco can also benefit. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic studied 68 spit tobacco users for 12 weeks. They found 44% taking Zyban steered clear of their chew compared to 26 % taking a placebo. The study also found Zyban users gained just over a pound and a half but the placebo group packed on as much as nine pounds during the study.

  • Special Nasal Spray

A nose spray for toddlers to prevent tooth decay? It might happen in a year or two. Researchers at Boston's Forsyth institute are set to begin testing a special nose spray to keep teeth healthy. The vaccine would be given to toddlers to build immunity to the bacteria that causes cavities. Toddlers are ideal candidates because they haven't yet developed areas of tooth decaying bacteria. The spray works by killing a tooth-damaging enzyme and could be available in seven to ten years.

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