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Tom Craddick Will No Longer Run For Texas House Speaker

Delwin Jones Delwin Jones

Craddick has not made an official announcement yet, but Representative Jimmie Don Aycock from Lampasas says he talked to some of Craddick's staff, and says it's over.

This news came down late Sunday evening. While many lawmakers wanted Craddick out, Aycock remained an ally.

Republicans and Democrats complain that during Craddick's time as speaker, he has ruled the chamber as a dictator and forced legislators to bend to his will.

Craddick became speaker in 2003, and pushed through a conservative agenda of congressional redistricting, lawsuit limitation and a new business tax.

Local lawmakers have mixed reaction to Craddick's performance. Joe Heflin of Crosbyton and Delwin Jones of Lubbock did not support Craddick.  Jones told NewsChannel 11 last week that he thought this would be settled before they meet on the 13th.  But Carl Isett felt Craddick was the best fit for Texas.

"If it does then we will have a lot more of a harmonious session if not we may have a shootout the first day it may be quite an uprising," said Jones.

"If you are a conservative this is no other candidate out there that is going to help affect conservative public policy then Tom Craddick and I think that's the right direction for Texas I don't think moving left is the right direction," said Isett. 

On Friday a group involved in the ABC coalition, meaning anybody but Craddick, met to support Republican Joe Straus of San Antonio to run against Craddick.

On Sunday Straus released a list of 85pledges of support, more than enough to win the election on January 13th.

Again, we are still awaiting confirmation from Craddick's office, but the Dallas Morning News has reported that those who did support Craddick may be turning their support to John Smithee of Amarillo.

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