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State Takes Custody of Five Lubbock Children

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

The state today won permanent custody of five of seven children who authorities say lived in a filthy, rat-infested home in Lubbock.

Investigators say the situation came to light when the children's mother had stored her miscarried fetus in the refrigerator, then called a funeral home inquiring about a casket. The seven, who ranged in age from 9 years to 11 months when found, have been in foster homes since their removal in July 2007.

The parents and Child Protective Services reached the agreement. Their parental rights for the other two children were terminated. The state took temporary custody of twins Ramirez and Moya had in May, but the couple is still fighting for custody of the five placed in permanent state custody.

The couple no longer has parental rights to the oldest and youngest children who were in the home in 2007. The oldest child is with her biological father, and a family is in the process of adopting the youngest child.

Gloria Ramirez and the father of most of the children, Anthony Moya, face seven charges of child endangerment stemming from the alleged conditions in the home. Ted Hogan, attorney for Ramirez in the criminal case, declined comment. Also Cynthia Mendoza, who represents Moya in the criminal case, did not immediately comment. 

Lisa Ratzke, who represents Ramirez in the CPS case, said her client has worked "very, very hard" to do what the agency asked since the children were removed. (Associated Press contributed to this report.)

After this story aired on NewsChannel 11 at 6, Gloria Ramirez called to say reports that she lost her parental rights are incorrect. 

Based on an Associated Press article, NewsChannel 11 reported that the state took permanent custody of five children from Gloria Ramirez and Anthony Moya. Ramirez disputes that report.  She says that she has possessory conservatorship.  She also says she has a contract with Children's Protective Services and that she has followed the contract. 

Ramirez voluntarily gave up custody of two children but she says she still has visitation rights as part of that adoption.  This information came to us after hours so have not yet had a chance to contact state officials for their point of view. We will follow up.

Parents Face 14 Years For Endangering Children
Two Lubbock parents face up to 14 years in jail for what some investigators call the worst case of neglect they've ever seen. It started when Gloria Ramirez, 26, miscarried and allegedly stored the fetus in a refrigerator.

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