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An Alternative to Traditional Facelifts

If you really wanted a face lift for Christmas, but it seemed too expensive to put on the list, HealthWise might have found an option for you. It's not cheap (about $6,000), but you can cut a few thousand dollars from the cost of a traditional face lift.It's called a ‘mini-lift' and it promises great results with less down-time.

Dr. Peter Malouf, M.D., Cosmetic Surgeon, says, "The difference involves using energy from a fractional laser to further precisely shrink the connective tissue beneath the skin.  It's just a way to turn back a few ticks of time there and look very natural when we're done".

A standard "mini-lift" is when doctors make an incision near each ear to pull a little and tighten the skin while the patient is under local anesthesia, so the patient is conscious the entire time.  Now, some doctors are adding the laser to enhance the final result and help control bleeding and bruising. After several hours, the patient walks out of the office and heads home to recover.

If you are interested, ask a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon about a mini-lift.

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