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Nearly 100 Hub City Accidents After Icy Winter Blast

Monday's evening commute was much smoother going than the morning rush to work and school.  

For many Hub City drivers the day started at a creeping roll.  Driver Julian Vasquez said, "Have to concentrate on the roads. All the sudden it just gets slippery, out of nowhere. Some patches here. Some patches there."

"They (roads) were pretty icy this morning. I had to slow down, and had to watch other cars there were some cars that were still going too fast," driver Ysidoro Reyna said.

While Reyna did not fall victim to the icy roadways many did. Between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Lubbock Police say there were 96 accidents, all with minor injuries. One includes a multi vehicle accident on the US-84 overpass near Avenue Q.

"The van started sliding and then it hit the wall over there. I heard then another car," Sandra Brooks said. "I was like oh my God it's another one. Then after that, there was another one," Brooks added.

However, police were not the only ones kept busy. Between 5:00 a.m. and noon, EMS responded to 42 accidents. University Medical Center Vice President Greg Bruce says due to a high call volume Lubbock Ambulance was asked to assist at the US-84 overpass accident.

Still the icy roads did not go unchecked by city or TxDOT crews. At 4 a.m. Monday morning the city says crews started salting and de-icing bridges, the Canyon Lakes Main Roads followed by other major roadways.

"When you get on the over passes, then when you come off the over pass and they're wet you know that we've been there or they wouldn't be in that condition because the over passes are the first things to freeze up," Tracy Cumby, Emergency Management for TxDOT.

NewsChannel 11 has also learned TxDOT did have problems with the new automated de-icing system on the Marsha Sharp Freeway overpasses. We are told efforts are underway to fix the problems. However, crews did have to apply the de-icing material by truck on Monday.

Roads Somewhat Drier Monday Afternoon, Refreezing Overnight
Lubbock area weather will improve across the area Monday evening and Tuesday, but continue to look for slick spots during your morning commute.

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