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Lubbock Students To Attend Presidential Inauguration in D.C.

 "I followed the election very closely so I figured I get a chance to go to the inauguration I'm taking that chance," says Jordan Aguirre. The Coronado High School Senior says Obama's story hits close to home for him. "I was born in the poverty stricken part of Lubbock and I grew up there. I know he wasn't the most privileged person and to see that hard work and his determination got him to the highest position in the country really inspires me," says Aguirre.

Government teacher and chaperone David Ring says this trip will give Jordan something he can't learn in a text book. "Until you go see the nation's capital, and see this is how it functions and see the building where laws are created or interpret laws at the Supreme Court it's going to make it more tangible." And Jordan is just one of 21 students making the trip of a lifetime and they plan on making the most of it.

"Getting to see D.C. and all the monuments you see in the movies. Getting to maybe tell my kids and grandkids hey I was there and show them pictures and say maybe I even met the president," says Michael Garcia, Coronado High School Senior.

Devin Knox, a senior making the trip to D.C. has something else on his list he wants to do. "Visit the campus of the University I want to go to. The inauguration is going to be so exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing the political process and the inauguration process," he said.

But for Jordan it's more than a front seat to history, it's a spring board to his own dreams. "I wanna be a governor or a senator. Going to D.C. seeing the nation's capital is definitely something you have to do before you become a politician."

Congressman Randy Neugebauer's office called Mr. Ring Monday and offered 24 tickets giving the Coronado group a better view of the inauguration. The students leave January 17th and come back to Lubbock January 22nd.  

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