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Lubbock Mother Accused in Child Neglect Case Speaks Out

The mother accused in what Lubbock investigators call the worst case of child neglect they've ever seen speaks out.

On Monday, NewsChannel 11 told you 27-year-old Gloria Ramirez and her husband 42-year-old Anthony Moya terminated parental rights of two of their nine children.

Child Protective Services removed seven children from their home back in July 2007 and put them in foster homes. At the time, the children were between 11 months and 9 years old. Ramirez then gave birth to twins in May of last year; they were also put in foster care. According to the agreement, the oldest child will remain with her biological father, while a toddler awaits adoption by another family.

On Monday, NewsChannel 11 sat down with Gloria Ramirez. The home Gloria and her husband live in is decorated with children's toys. It's also not the home the children knew, nor are the living conditions the same. Something Gloria says she's worked hard to improve over the last year and a half. "I'm sorry that it took this that made me realize that things needed to change," Gloria said.

The change comes in the form of perfectly lined action figures and play dough stored on shelves. All whispers of children and the hope of their return. "This would be my boys' room," Gloria explained as she showed us around her new home.

Gloria says this is a much different home than the one before. In 2007, she and her husband Anthony Moya lived with their seven children at a different home. Police say they originally went to the house after Moya called a funeral home asking about a casket for Gloria's miscarried fetus, which had been stored in the family's refrigerator. Once inside, investigators found a filthy, rat-infested home.

NewsChannel 11 remarked that some say you were neglecting your kids "Ok I know. I guess I can agree with that," Gloria said.

Gloria says months before her children were taken she sunk into a depression. Police reports show the kitchen floor was covered with soiled diapers, dirty clothes and trash. Rat feces, dirty clothes and garbage also covered the living room. The children had bug bites and rashes. Investigators say one child was found on a soiled mattress and appeared lethargic. Child Protective Services removed the seven children. Then 10 months later, Gloria gave birth again, this time to twins. CPS removed those children three days later.

NewsChannel 11 asked if Gloria thinks she'll have more children. "I can't sit her on camera and say I will never have another child," Gloria said. "We have decided that we have to concentrate on the ones we have and bring those back home."

To do so Gloria and her husband have been under the watchful eye of the state, working to become better parents and create a safe environment for their kids. "Get a bigger place. Get the things you would need. You hold down a job and you go to classes," Gloria said.

Gloria says she receives depression and marital counseling. But even after this, Gloria and her husband recently agreed to terminate custody of two children. An agreement Gloria hopes she won't have to make about her other seven children. "We're doing what we're supposed to do. We're going to continue doing it. And I hope here pretty soon here I get to have a Barbeque and a big welcome home sign," Gloria added.

CPS tells us they will try to have a permanent decision in the next few months about the children.  But it isn't over - Gloria faces seven felony charges of child endangerment. Her criminal trial is set for the beginning of February. Moya has also been indicted on the same charges as his wife. His case is still pending.

State Takes Custody of Five Lubbock Children
Gloria Ramirez and the father of most of the children, Anthony Moya, face seven charges of child endangerment stemming from the alleged conditions in the home.

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