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Lubbock Residents Weigh In On Possible Bond Issues

Revamping city roads. "Making sure we have good infrastructure on our main streets," said one Lubbock resident.

New water and sewer lines. "New Water lines and sewer lines would probably be real important for the community," said a Lubbock resident.

And parks and recreation. "Adding more parks for children to have to play," said another Lubbock resident. 

Are just some issues on taxpayer's minds as a possible bond election is in the works? "The critical aspect we have got to look at particularly given the economic environment, nuts and bolts. What are the meat and potatoes issues? The roadways, infrastructure, the city facilities. That would be the starting point and largely the stopping point for such a package," said Councilman Todd Klein. 

Sticking to the basics, Klein says is crucial in today's economy. "The tax payers are our bosses, we report to them. They are the final decision makers they can vote up or down on any one of these projects before them and allow them to decide," said Klein. 

NewsChannel 11 first asked viewers to participate in a web poll picking which project city council should work on first.   Of the viewers that responded, 44% say new water lines and sewer lines and 43% say refurbish major streets.

"Our city streets, particularly the ones that have neglected for awhile 34th and 50th so I think those two," said one Lubbock resident.  

"There's a lot of pot holes in the road that can damage your car for sure, so that's what I'm concerned about," said another Lubbock resident.  

Councilman Klein says the council hopes the bond election can happen in May.  Keep in mind, this is the same election where citizens will vote on packaged alcohol sales within the city.

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