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Cowboy Tradition Continues At One South Plains Ranch

In this age of hi-tech, old ways often fall by the wayside, including some western traditions. However, one cattle ranch keeps the past alive.   On Wednesday, NewsChannel 11 headed about 65 miles southwest of Lubbock to where they were branding approximately 400 head of cattle.

"It's a normal day at the office. We do a lot of this. But a lot of people keep don't them in the shoot anymore. But a lot of ranches still do the old fashion," Cowboy Mark Hargrave said.

At the OC Ranch about five miles southeast of Lake Allen Henry old fashion means a sunrise start, more than 30 working cowboys and lots of dirt.

"Genuine cowboys that make their living on a ranch with a rope on horseback," OC Ranch Owner Billy Huddleston said.

These types of cowboys are a dying breed of sorts. But Huddleston says when it came to this cattle brand, extra hands were easy to find.

"I called on the cowboys and they passed the word around and they knew they were going to drag calves and a good many caves, about 400," Huddleston said.

Another incentive was an old fashion lunch, straight off the chuck wagon.   It is a cowboy style lunch, something Huddleston says helps keep with the old west tradition, on the more than a 100-year-old ranch. Which for the last 40 years, Huddleston has held an annual branding day.

"If you don't do these you got bulls running around out there, they'll penalize you 20 dollars, on a hundred weights or more," Huddleston said.

Once the cowboys get a calf down they will do a couple thing to it.  They will castrate, vaccinate and most importantly brand it.

Huddleston tells us he does not always brand cattle the old-fashioned way. However, says this year they were able to find enough help. For Your Cell Phone
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