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Study Suggests Golfing Can Lead To Hearing Loss

When a teen drives around with the windows up and the radio so loud you can hear it outside the car, you know that is not good for their ears.  But who would have thought that just playing golf with certain clubs could also be damaging to your ears?  According to a respected group of British hearing experts, the impact of something flat against a little sphere could hurt your hearing.

The British study on reduced hearing in golfers makes sense because the titanium head of the club creates a pitch that is like a mini sonic boom.  It is a sound that is much different from the impact of wood on a ball, which used to be standard for golf clubs.  They tested the theory at Palm Beach Country Club and measured the decibels of titanium clubs hitting the ball. They found that the impact registered at over 130 decibels, which equals the noise level in close proximity to a jackhammer.

There is good news for Lubbockites though, the study adds that wind on the course could offer some noise protection.

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