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Potato Mitts: Does It Work?

The TV commercial says, "Introducing Tater Mitts.   The innovative new kitchen gloves.   Simply rub and with a few quick strokes.   Just eight seconds of actual time and presto a perfectly peeled potato."
It's the same pitch on the Tater Mitts box, "eight seconds is all you need to peel on potato effortlessly."

A quick check of the instructions:  "Place the desired amount of potatoes in a pot covered with cold water.   Bring the water to a boil."  Nowhere in the commercial does it say anything about boiling the potatoes.  But here we learn we have to boil the potatoes for five to six minutes before using the Tater Mitts.

We'll work with 16 potatoes. Two groups of eight. One group will get the Tater Mitt treatment.  The other, we'll peel the old fashioned way.

Doing it the old fashioned way, we get eight potatoes peeled in 11 minutes.  We pull the Tater Mitts out of the box and they look like Cookie Monster with a bad skin disease or something. 

Eight seconds right?  Let's see. The first one was close to 18 seconds. On the second potato, we were one little patch of skin away from 8 seconds. By the third try we got it.

How much of this success is the gloves and how much is due to the boiling?  Peeling with bare hands gets the job only half done in 8 seconds.  No doubt, the boiling is a big part, but you don't really get the full benefit without putting your mitts on these taters.
In the end, we did eight potatoes in just over a minute and a half, if you don't count the five minutes boiling time.   That's compared to 11 minutes the old traditional way. 
Also the pile of wasted potato peeling with the manual peeler is much bigger than the pile of peelings with the Tater Mitt.

Does it work?  We're really disappointed in the makers for not disclosing the need to boil the taters first.   But there's no doubt, we give the Tater Mitts a yes.

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