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Governor's Race Turning Up More than Dirt in Lubbock

The race for Texas Governor is causing quite a stir on the South Plains. Not only are Republican candidate Rick Perry and Democratic candidate Tony Sanchez are turning up every stone in their ads, they are also turning up the interest in this year's governor election.

Twenty year-old Texas Tech student Katie Reitman will vote for the first time this year, and the string of recent attack ads have given Katie a reason to get out and vote. "Maybe the candidates know what they're doing. Regardless, the names are getting out there and people want to be a part of that," she said.

Long time voter Johnny Wishert made sure he met the registration deadline, because voting this year is important to him. "The mudslinging turned me off completely. And this is my way of being heard," he said.

Lubbock County Tax Assessor Collector Barbara Brooks believes this year's Governor's race is a hot ticket. "Normally your presidential race is higher and your governor's race is not. But this race, I feel like it's going to be as high as the presidential turnout," Brooks said Monday.

And she's right. When former Texas Governor George W. Bush ran for president against Vice President Al Gore, 154,157 people were registered to vote in Lubbock County. So far, this governor's race is 2,000 shy from beating the 2,106 presidential election turnout in Lubbock.

During the last Gubernatorial Race four years ago, over 147,535 people were registered to vote. As of six days ago, 4,516 more people have registered to vote. Brooks says voter registration drives have also made it easier to register voters.

At Texas Tech, at least 500 students are now registered.

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