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Play Village Construction SLOWS

On Monday the Legacy Play Village only had about 250 volunteers, a low number that actually puts them behind schedule for the first time since the build began. But unless a tornado rolls through these guys plan to put up tarps and tents to protect them from the weather so they can keep on building. In the last few days they have had about 1,500 volunteers, a good number but not enough to meet their deadline.

"We have a ton of different jobs and if we're going to keep on schedule. We really need everybody, so if you've got any time and think you can help out we really need you," Marc Leathers a Construction Consultant said.

"The main structure needs to be built, but we've talked about how if we don't get the structure built we'll have to scale down and do a smaller playground," Cray Pickering, Chair of Play Village said.

October 27th is the day they want to welcome everyone to the playground, and basically the building stops there, so if they are not finished, it will not get finished, but if the volunteer turnout stays low they will scale down their plans.

There is one more thing, they have huge lights set up all around the construction and the building does not stop when your work day ends, if you get off at five or six you can still come help, they keep building until about 9 o'clock at night.

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