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Lubbock City Councilman Speaks Out About Alleged Assault

Lubbock police say three men attacked Councilman John Leonard in the early hours of Christmas Eve morning.

It's been nearly two weeks since Councilman Leonard says he was assaulted. On Thursday, he attended a city council meeting. Leonard says while the black eye is almost gone, there still is some pain. "I still have a bone sticking up," Councilman Leonard.

Leonard says the assault left him with a broken facial bone, a broken bone around his eye and a broken noise. These injuries come after Leonard says he went to speak to neighbors in the apartment above him about loud music. "Back on the second floor another drunk individual was coming up the stairs from the ground floor and wanted to communicate," Leonard explained.

That's when Leonard, who was dressed in pajamas, says he was jumped. "One started pushing - I tried to get him off me. As I was responding to that I basically got cold caught from the side from the second guy," Leonard recalled.  Both started throwing punches then a third guy jumped in," He added. 

Police say 34-year old Jessica Harris was also in Leonard's apartment at the time. "Another individual was attempting to call 911, that phone is lying in pieces," Leonard said.

Leonard says the three men then took off. Pictures taken by Leonard show blood spots left behind on his front porch. Police responded to Dakota Arms Apartments in the 6700 block of 82nd Street around 1 a.m. on December 24.  At the time, officers made no arrests. "I am very frustrated there weren't arrests made that night," Leonard said.

Lubbock Police Department Captain Greg Stevens says, by law, officers had no authority to make an arrest. "When police arrived, the suspects named in the reports and the victims named in the reports were no longer in the same place at the same time, therefore there was no probably cause that further violence would occur," Stevens said.

Still Leonard says he feels enough crimes had occurred to make some arrests. Police tell us there are three suspects and expect to present the case to the district attorney's office early next week.

Meanwhile, Leonard is scheduled for surgery on his face Monday. He says he has since moved out of the apartment complex and that the men involved in the assault have been evicted, but we could not confirm that with Dakota Arms at this time.

City Council Member Assaulted
A Lubbock City Council member is recovering at home Wednesday after he was assaulted overnight. Police say three men attacked Councilman John Leonard sending him to the hospital.

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