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Sharp Advice: Preventing The Spread of Germs

Flu shots are important, but the most important thing we can do to prevent the spread of the flu is to wash our hands.  If we do that, we can prevent more than the flu.  We can fight off the common cold and even keep staph-infections at bay.  That's the focus of Sharp Advice from Former Lady Raider Coach, Marsha Sharp.

Preventing the spread of germs to friends and family, even strangers, can be as simple as washing your hands.  Covenant Research Nurse Specialist Nicole Hines says, "You know we talk about hand hygiene being important and everybody can verbalize that and say that they understand the importance of it, but following through is not as easy as it sounds.  The length of time we are suppose to wash our hands, the 20 to 30 seconds while you are singing yourself happy birthday two times, is harder than it seems.  Most people don't have the availability of sinks and warm water so commercially available alcohol-based products are a great way to replace that.  They're easy, they're convenient, they're inexpensive, and just ultimately remember that hand hygiene is the key to preventing the spread of infection and viruses".

From the doorknob to the toilet seat handle, germs can be picked up anywhere.  So, it is important to know when and why we should wash our hands as often as possible.

Nicole adds, "Good hand hygiene or washing your hands appropriately is the number one way to stop the spread of infection.  And it does that by decreasing the, what we call bacterial load, on your skin.  We carry a certain amount of germs on our skin at all times, but washing your hands with soap and water appropriately, or using an antimicrobial or an alcohol-based skin cleanser, it decreases the load that you carry on your hands".

This flu season, wash your hands to stay healthy.  From your friends at Covenant Health System, I am Marsha Sharp reminding you that when it comes to good health, the ball is in your court.

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