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Food for Thought Report 1.8

Our first top performer is not only new to Food for Thought it's also new to Lubbock. Their goal is to show you that while very few can make a great pizza - anyone can bake a great pizza.

"Lubbock has really embraced the take and bake concept," says owner Esther Branagan.

Papa Murphy's Pizza at 6319 82nd has been open for about a month. Owners Esther Branagan and her husband had two franchise locations near Denver, CO. They recently moved to Lubbock and brought the idea with them.

"We have really, really good pizza's. Our dough is made fresh here everyday. All of our vegetables are sliced here in the store. We also shred our own mozerella cheese. The only thing we don't do is bake it or deliver it," says Esther.

Esther says that helps to keep their kitchen clean. "Our standards for sanitation are huge here at Papa Murphy's. We actually had a very good comment from our health inspector that it was the best manual that he had seen about cleanliness and sanitation."

From super thin and crispy crust to stuffed pizza - they have just about anything you can think of. "All we have to do is get you in. Once you try our product, we know that you're gonna love it - you're gonna come back again and again."

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Food for Thought 1.8
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 1/8/09.

Our next stop on this Food for Thought tour is Mamarita's Border Café at 6602 Slide Road. They cooked up perfection in their latest health inspection.

Now we head to Gilbert's Bar & Grill at 2608 Salem Avenue.

Manager Gabriel Deanda says this family friendly restaurant serves up just about everything from steak to seafood, but that's not what they're known for. "We also do Chinese food. That's what we're really renowned for here in Lubbock is our chinese food. Gilbert is from Hong Kong. He's a Chinaman from Hong Kong. He makes really good authentic Chinese food."

But don't try to get in on a Saturday night without reservations - this place is packed. So what's their recipe for success? "A lot of team work. Lots and lots of team work."

Our next stop starts your day off right. Sip and Dip Donuts at 3211 50th Street glazed through their inspection with no violations.

And finally this taste-bud tour ends at the French Quarter Bistro at 1636 13th.

Owner and chef Michael Merrick says if you're looking for authentic New Orleans style cuisine - look no further. "We pride ourselves on using a lot of stuff that is indigenous to New Orleans. That's what makes it so authentic to us."

Michael says there is a trick to keeping clean. "Nobody wants a dirty kitchen, you know. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle things get tossed around, but if we keep clean as we cook it makes for less to do after the fact."

This hidden downtown treasure is open for lunch and dinner. "We do an excellent crawfish etouffee that I don't think anybody can match. Of course I am a little biased. We just try to bring a real deal New Orleans product."

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