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Gas Prices Jump Double Digits Over Last Two Weeks

Friday gas prices were holding at $1.64 a gallon, but many wonder if the prices would continue to climb.

In the past two weeks, gas prices have made a double digit jump. NewsChannel 11 caught up with a local driver Friday to see what his feelings were about the price at the pump. "I'm like a lot of other citizens in the community. We hate to see it go up. We know it might go up a little bit but we hope it doesn't get up to three dollars a gallon again," said Melvin Carter.

According to AAA, a stronger dollar, and hope for economic gain under a new president might be the cause for the increase; or continued fighting in Gaza and OPEC's recent announcement to cut production.

For more perspective, last year at this time, gas in Lubbock was about three dollars a gallon, so we're still on the better end of the deal with gas being $1.64.

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