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Police say drunk driving caused a man to slam his truck into a house Tuesday morning, and the owner says he has seen this type of thing before. For the fourth time in three years a car plowed through this fence on 68th Street. This time, the car actually slammed into the house. The driver was arrested for drunk driving. The homeowner, Mark Hughes, says drivers often speed in that area and his house is right in harms way.

"It just bothers me that, it's continued to happen. And we don't have some protection out on the other side of the fence, like some barriers," said Mark Hughes, frustrated homeowner. Mark says he is working with the city to make the street safer.

A wreck Tuesday morning came close to putting a truck over the edge of an overpass. Around 10:15 Tuesday morning, the driver of a pickup was stopped at a red light when police say he suddenly shot into the intersection of 66th Street and I-27. He t-boned a mini-van, then hit a curb and stopped with the front end dangling on the overpass. Fortunately, no one was injured.

They worked to get a drug dealer off the streets and Tuesday the FBI awarded them for their efforts. Assistant U.S. Attorney's Steve Sucsy and C. Richard Baker received plaques for prosecuting Gary Wayne Thornton. Thornton received close to 15 years in prison for running a meth lab and child pornography ring.

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