Local Band Devastated by Garage Fire

A local band has lost thousands of dollars worth of inventory, after a fire in their central Lubbock garage.

The fire broke out around 3:20 a.m., in the 2500 block of 47th Street. It was home to three people, including two members of the Thrift Store Cowboys.

Band member, Daniel Fluitt, says he woke up to hear a strange noise outside.

"It sounded like someone was trying to get into our van that has all our musical equipment in it," he said. "So I just peeked up over the bed, and I just see cinders and everything flying. I opened the door and there was smoke everywhere inside. We grabbed the cat, got everybody out and called 911."

Fluitt says, in all, they lost about 3,000 cd's and a trailer.

Investigators believe this fire was intentionally set, during an act of vandalism.

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