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Lockney Fire Brings Community Together

A fire may have destroyed Lockney High School, but it brought the community together. For one family, Lockney High holds decades of memories. "It's just the feel of the place, the smell, it was home. I hate to lose it," says Boyd Jackson as he looked out on to what remained of the LHS.

The building may be a total loss but pictures from past yearbooks help bring Lockney High School back to life for Jackson and his daughters Quinn, a freshman, and Lezlie, a junior. "My father went, I graduated, and I have two daughters here," says Jackson, a graduate of the class of 1988.

Jackson says the entire community came together to help pick up the pieces of the fire. "Just seeing a lot of the faces I saw last night - a lot of the same people," he says while flipping through his high school yearbook and stumbled upon a picture of his graduating class.

With the help of the community the school was able to save composite pictures dating back to the 1920's and several trophies and awards the Lockney Longhorns have won over the decades. "We're a small town and there's not a lot to do. We see people who don't have children out at the basketball games. Everyone is just devastated," says Jackson.

For Quinn and Lezlie, going back to school just won't be the same. "It's going to be strange not to get to go where you've been so often," says Lezlie, a member of the basketball and track teams at Lockney. Quinn agrees, "Just knowing that there's a building where everyone can get together and you know your friends will always be there."

Though not yet a high school student, Jackson's youngest, J.W., says he's sad about the fire. "I've walked down that hall a lot of times and I've always dreamed of having to walk down that hall every day and having to go to class, and now I won't be able to do that," says J.W. Jackson

School officials say that classes will start back on Wednesday. Classes will be held in local churches; junior high at the Methodist church and high school classes at the Baptist church.

Possible Person Of Interest In Lockney High School Fire
Some parts of the school have reignited, but officials remain on the scene to put out any hot spots. At this hour, authorities say the fire may be arson and are following up leads. NewsChannel 11's Julia Bruck has more.

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